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Classic recipes for the living, dead and undead

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies Cookbook

For hundreds of years, the Hoxton Street Monster Supplies shop has been supplying quality goods for the monster community - and this, its classic recipe book, has ben in use for just as long.

Now, for the first time, it has been adapted for use by humans as well as monsters. So whether you're intertaining trolls, hosting a vampire soiree or expecting zombies round for tea, you can make delicious treats to suit every occasion.


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Notes for Humans:

Beautifully illustrated 160 page hardback cookbook with over 70 recipes and humorous advice for entertaining. Translated for use by humans.

Produced by Octopus Books on Mitchell Beazley Press

‘What no-one ever tells you about turning children into vampires is the eternity of Deathday parties for little Alaric you now have to cater for. And let me tell you, after couple of centuries, even the most inventive bloodsucker can find herself short of ideas. So thank the hells for this cookbook, which is simply brimming with grotes-tic party treats, like Mashed Fairy Cupcakes, Bursting Boil Biscuits and Dragon’s Egg Tarts, sure to satisfy even the pickiest of little undead eaters. Fangs, ’Monster Supplies!’

-Rachael Drusilla, an Un-domestic Deviless

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