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Cauldron Biscuit Triple and Witch's Brew Mug

Thick, crumbly, melt-in-the-mouth biscuits, topped with our most potent Cauldron Ingredients to aid Spell-Making and Potion production. Perfect for dunking in your Witch's Brew or stiring into your Cauldron, enjoy all three monstrous flavours - Toadstool with vanilla, Eye of Newt with mint chocolate and Flesh Eating Maggots with lemon zest - with our unique Witch's Brew mug for just £20.

Handmade in partnership with mostly monster, occasional human and late-night dweller, biscuit-maker BisQuotes. 

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Notes for Humans:

Three delicious biscuits - mint chocolate, vanilla and rice krispie treat, and lemon zest, paired with Witch's Brew Mug. 45g / 58g

See Cauldron Biscuits for full ingredients list.
Free UK delivery on all orders over £65