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Your Story Starts Here

A notebook with advice for writers, from human children at the Ministry of Stories 

There are many ways to start a story. There are also many ways to write one. Stories can be difficult and blank pages are often very frightening (more so than a banshee at full wail). 

So our neighbours on Hoxton Street, the Ministry of Stories, has produced a notebook with tips on how to write well from those that know best; the young humans it works with every day. From how to get writing started, to what a good story can do, to what makes a story really good, this is a beautifully designed compendium of writing knowledge to use in castles, a sarcophagus, under a toadstool or at the bottom of lakes.

All profits support the Ministry’s writing workshops with young people. 

The notebook was designed by Burgess Studio. Production was supported by Storythings and The Story Conference 2014. 



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All profits go to the Ministry of Stories, a creative writing charity for humans

Free UK delivery on all orders over £50