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Word reaches us that a proportion of our customers have recently suffered adverse reactions upon receiving their online orders – happy-go-lucky feelings, joyful skipping, general merriment and similar unpleasantries.

To counteract these most unwelcome side effects we felt it wise to remind you that for a pitifully small fee, our highly trained resident coven of witches will add a curse to any items you purchase online.

A variety of strengths are available at the checkout depending on the severity of the effects you wish to counterbalance. To curse a recipient with Bad Luck costs £1, while more susceptible monsters may be cursed with General Torment for £5, or Extended Blight for a mere £10.

As usual, due to our own rather unfortunate curse, all proceeds go to the Ministry of Stories – a creative writing charity for children - which resides behind the secret door in our storeroom.

Whichever curse you choose, we sincerely hope that the monster in your life will be utterly miserable upon opening their gift.

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