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Once a month in the lead up to the full moon, Hoxton Street Monster Supplies hosts the London Chapter of the Werewolf Support Group. Posted here are this month's meeting minutes.  Please enquire in store if you would like to attend future gatherings.

Presiding: Margery Longtooth.

Present: Wandsworth, Twickenham and Islington packs.

Item I: Bring and buy sale: volunteers still needed for cake stall, tombola, and lucky dip: full moon Friday not accepted as excuse.

Item 2: Depiction of werewolves in TV shows. Tron Borridge complained that werewolves were discriminated against in casting, many directors preferring to use humans and CGI instead, which led to a dearth of roles for werewolf actors.

He also objected to the fact that while vampires were usually depicted as suave, handsome and charming, werewolves were often played by short, large-eared and ugly humans. This led to a lively and prolonged discussion among female members of the group as to exactly which aspects of recent TV vampires they found particularly attractive, including comments that such casting was very accurate, which led to some bristling among male members of the group.

Item 3: Babysitting. There was a tense discussion as to the difficulties of finding and retaining human babysitters during transformations. Several incidents of people returning from the woods in a tired and emotional state absent-mindedly slaying sitters have been counter-productive. This issue is as yet unresolved.

Item 4: Phones. John Leader presented a new service now available in London. As we all know, one of the main difficulties of transformation is where to put your mobile phone. If left with clothing they are often stolen. For a small fee, his company provides a highly visible phonepod which emits a radio signal; after transformation, his company picks them up and delivers them back home, to await your arrival after re-entry.  Membership of this scheme is endorsed by Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, and the pods will soon be available in store and through the website.

The meeting closed at 11:30pm sharp.

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