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At Hoxton Street Monster Supplies we’ve been helping customers live happy and healthy lives for over 198 years. From supplying scaled-down fangs sharpeners to help look after baby’s first fangs to ensuring access to everyday basics like emergency re-lousing shampoo, our customers’ cradle-to-grave needs has been our priority since we opened our doors back in 1818.

We now would like to introduce our newest supply, Werewolf Biscuits. We are delighted to present our loyal customers with these delicious new treats, carefully formulated with the lycanthrope in mind yet delicious to yetis, zombies and vampires too.

The special combination of proteins, carbohydrates and minerals create a sweet treat that can be enjoyed any full moon of the year. Crunchy yet wonderfully crumbly, these goodies are packed with immunity-boosting goodness helping you make it through long nights on the prowl while keeping your health intact.  

Made the traditional Scottish way, these biscuits are guaranteed silver-free and contain only the finest gluten-free bone dust.  Buy yours now, in shop or online.

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