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Over the summer months Hoxton Street Monster Supplies ran focus groups to gain insight into the changing needs of the monsters that make up our loyal customer base.

Our hope is to revamp some our nearly two centuries old lines and bring in new lines in accord with your needs in the new millennium.

The focus groups consisted almost exclusively of the dead and undead with a small number of living monsters willing to make the trek for the 2am sessions. Yeti invitees declined participation owing to it being peak summer months, but responded enthusiastically to questionnaires sent to representatives in northern Siberia and the higher reaches of Tibet.

The groups were well put together thanks to input from shop luminary and founder Igor and remained by-and-large courteous and peaceful (appreciation to Julie K. for introducing us to Guts-B-Gone stain remover... it works!)

Valuable information was gleaned, much of which emphasised your wish for more products containing  higher nutritional content for your little monsters, and more offerings for monsters with food allergies.

In response you will see a number of new products over the coming year. Look out next month for new, unfiltered earwax retaining original hair and bug pieces, and just in time for Christmas, Amygdala-free Olde Fashioned Brain Jam.

And we are delighted to introduce you now... to our new Glow-in-the-Dark Boo! Letterpress card!

Requested by nocturnal customers frustrated by the lack of greeting cards that could be read in the dead of night, we've brought these cards out particularly with our werewolves and vampire customers in mind: you told us you wanted a way to send friendly greetings without the need to also purchase jars of moonlight and daylight to send along with them.

Our beautiful new card is available now for only £3 and can be purchased both in store and online.

Thank you to all of our participants for your involvement and input!

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