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Milk Tooth is the first chocolate bar produced by fair trade chocolate company Divine Chocolate with Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, the purveyor of quality goods for monsters of all kinds since 1818.

Made from delicately roasted milk teeth, our chocolate is of course only made with the finest molars, gathered expertly by our team of tooth fairies.

Francesca Simon, author of the Horrid Henry series, has written the start of a short story, but needs your help to finish it. The story appears on the inside of the chocolate wrapper and below are some of the toothily good endings we’ve received so far.

What did the Tooth Fairy do next? 

The Tooth Fairy is working for Santa. She left the house and flow by picking up reindeer poo with her magic. Then she went to see Santa. Santa said no so she went to see Peter Pan. ‘Peter, Peter I’ve quit my job and I need help’. Peter thought for a second. Hhmm. Peter said ‘how about a ballerina?’. She said ‘yes’. The end.
Teya, aged 7

She went to the job centre. But she accidentally became a dentist. You can imagine how that went. After that she became a vet, an actor (who’s first job was Jonah), and a dental researcher. Finally she said ‘I give up! Make me a tooth fairy again’. And that was so.
Arthur, aged 10 

The very first thing she did is practice doing the jobs of Santa Claus, the bogeyman, the monster under the bed, to see which one she likes most. She will be very good at the monster under the bed and will be given the job. On her first day she would feel proud and nervous but also excited to be starting a new job.
Carlos, aged 9 

She went to a holiday she went to tooth fairy land. It was in space it was a hot country. She went to a swimming pool and on a horse to ride it and gave it apples. She liked to drink Fanta and rode down the mountain and going to a party where she weared her party clothes.
Erencan, aged 6 

Firstly, I would, mainly because of my amazing stubborness, not collect any more decaying, horrible, unsightly teeth. Due to the fact that I find this job quite unsatisfying, unrewarding and demeaning. And also, did I mention I found it excruciatingly boring? I will pursue more exciting, more adventurous, exciting tasks which will lead to a pathway of enjoyment and laughter.
Shawtae, aged 11

She threw her tooth pouch away, took her uniform off, got changed and went to meet Tinkerbell and the other fairies at Neverland. They danced the night away and spent her remaining tooth money on Raindrop cocktails. In the morning Peter made her a breakfast of dandelion porridge and rose petal toast. ‘What next Toothy?’ Peter asked. ‘I hate it when you call me that,’ she scowled. ‘Sorry Tess, I can’t help it,’ he smirked. ‘I don’t know Pete, maybe go visit my folks, I should tell them before they find out on the pixie vine.’ ‘But what about a job?’ Peter asked. ‘I dunno, I hear Santa’s looking.’
Leah, aged 631 and a half 

First, she takes off her clothes and then enjoys the sunny day. Then she goes swimming and has fun and eats a balanced diet. Then she meets in the park and then goes to a restaurant and eats pasta with sauce and then cheese and for dessert ice-cream. Then she goes to tooth fairy land and says bye before everything.
Selin, aged 8 

‘I know! I could be Santa’s little helper or maybe I could be a scientist, those are both wonderful ideas but there are soooo many different jobs to choose, oh I don’t know.’ While the tooth fairy was complaining she got a text it said: Dear Tila the tooth fairy I would like to give you a holiday. From the tooth manager xxx. ‘Wow he wants to give me a holiday!! I can’t wait! I must get packing.’ She the Tila went on a holiday and when she came back she became a super tooth scientist!! The end.
Alma, aged 4 


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