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by Gori Roriksen Varangian

Hi! This is Gori, and I'm excited. I've travelled to London to be an intern in Igor's Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, which should be really useful if I ever want to set up a human-friendly monster supply store myself. I've decided to blog my intern experience.

I'm Igor's distant cousin (on my father's sister's daughter's husband's mother's side), and I myself come from a long, long line of Igors, stretching back to the dark ages. Though something obviously went wrong at my naming ceremony and family gatherings have never quite been the same since.  Blood, they say, is thicker than zombie drool (it is, trust me), so when I was looking for work experience, Igor (my father) was quick to recommend Igor (the distant cousin) and her store.

Travelling on the monster underground, even during lockdown, is of course frowned upon, but that's why I'm wearing a mask, to avoid being recognised. And because Igor (mother) says it hides the disagreeably human lower part of my face.

Igor (distant cousin and store owner) didn't take long to pick up on that either and enquired whether I always smile after I'd served my first customer, a Harringay witch shopping for her coven (eyeballs, mainly). She didn't tip, leaving a curse instead, which I thought was a really lovely gesture.

After I replied that yes, I did always smile, Igor thought it would be better for me to spend my internship sorting out the shop basement. I don’t think my cheeriness is felt a good fit for the shop.

So, everyone, that's what I'll be doing from next week. Exciting, yes? 

Stay tuned for blog post two of 'Intern[ed] in the basement'! 

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