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Can you help us to reach our £20,000 target...?

We’re opening a second store for monsters this spring but need your help to furnish the unit and create a little bit of mischief in Leadenhall Market. 

Thanks to our customers' generosity, we have reached our £9,000 target to open our second store this spring in the Historic Leadenhall Market. But we still have a long way to go to make the shop our home!

Our clientele travel from afar afield as Transylvania and the Underworld to shop our wares, and we’d like to make sure we have a store that’s fit for their visit. That’s why we’re asking to please continue to deposit your gold with us and help us reach our new stretch target of £20,000.

From a fully-fitted shop with exciting scintillating extras to public events and special new products, every coin will go towards making an exciting shopping destination ready for you to explore. 

Our campaign has already grabbed the attention and support of some of our favourite fiends, Neil Gaiman and Joe Dunthorne and we’re continuing to offer exciting rewards for particular donations including:

- An email from our funder Igor

- A cursed pencil

- Your personalised Monster advert in our new store

- VIP Shopkeeper experience

- A personalised Tin of Fear

We will also be able to continue to work on breaking the curse that sees 100% of our profits go to the Ministry of Stories. 

More gold means even more mischief! Add to our hoard today!

Click here to donate to our crowdfunding campaign


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