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Did you know you can now Write a Letter to a Monster from the comfort of your home?

We are moderately pleased to announce that we have extended our Post Mortem post services to include new take-away Monster Mail Letter Writing Packs.

Each of these packs contain everything a Human needs to write to a Monster - including stickers and a very special pencil - and get a unique, personalised reply, which will wing it way back to your home within four weeks. 

These packs have taken several decades of fine craftsmanship to create and are now coated in anti-hex film, are fire-retardant and wipe clean to limit damage and travel with ease. There are a wide range of Monsters available to write to including:

Vlad the Vampire

Vlad is an adventurous boy from Transylvania, who has been 12 for over 400 years. Vlad enjoys being a vampire, but wants to understand more about the human world which has changed enormously since he became a vampire. 

Red the Werewolf 

Red is a feisty werewolf living on the edge of a wild wood. Red has always been a bit naughty, skipping class to climb ancient oaks instead. Red loves nature and is curious about Humans and how they interact with the natural world. 

Himani the Yeti

Himani lives in Snowshoe Pass, in the Himalayas. The only people she ever sees are mountaineers, with ice axes and masks. She thinks humans are scary. But she also has a lot of questions like; Where do they come from? Why do they climb up the mountains? Do they really like frozen yak yoghurt and snow cones?

Pudding the Gremlin 

Pudding is nocturnal and love stories and putting together a good outfit. They’ll dress up in whatever they find and parade around the house in it while you’re sleeping. Pudding learnt to write from storybooks found in small Humans’ bedrooms and looks forward to writing a letter to you. 

Elgorn the Dragon 

Elgorn, is a teenage sky dragon, who lives with their mum and dad inside a volcano. El enjoys Flying the most but isn’t allowed to flame up yet. They need help writing a school essay all about Humans. 

We initiated our letter writing service as a way to improve monster/human relationships and we hope these packs go some way in unlocking the mysteries of both species. 

All Letter Writing Packs are available to buy online here

Suitable for all ages but particularly smaller Humans aged 6-12 years old.


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