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We interview long time supplier to Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, Vlad Slaughter

How did you get involved in supplying human-based products to Hoxton Street Monster Supplies?

My little ones are always reading and writing stories, and much to their mum's consternation can tolerate daylight and get on well with mini-humans. They began to come to the children's creative writing workshops at Ministry of Stories behind the shop. I got talking with Emily who looks after Hoxton Monster Supplies for Igor, and things just went from there. She said they wanted a very high class product. I care passionately about human welfare and sustainable hunting so we were a perfect match.

Was this a new departure for you?

No. As a family business we go back centuries. We used to move around Central Europe, following the armies because after battles the local towns paid to have the bodies cleared so they could use the fields. At the same time there was demand for good, fresh meat amongst our kin and not everyone wanted to do their own hunting. Some of our kind liked home delivery and we saw a gap in the market so it paid both ways. But humans can get quite unreasonable and eventually there was a bit of a backlash against us. In the end we moved here and went into real estate instead.  But with this shop – well, there was a new market, selling to our own again. So we jumped at it.

And do you only supply Hoxton?

As yet, yes but we are poised for expansion owing to the growing interest amongst monsters in health, sustainability and provenance. We are very careful to hunt the most wholesome specimens and unlike others moving into this business, we research our walkers and joggers thoroughly before knocking them off. The vegetarian, non-smoking, Guardian readers from Hampstead north slopes comprise a typical haul. At the same time, we are not interested to grow too much. We appreciate supplying an exclusive clientele. You won’t find ingredients like this in any other shop in London.

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