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Dear Being on the other side of the CupBoard Door (dare I call you Friend?),

My name is Pudding.

I’m the monster you think you caught a glimpse of in your cupboard … usually on second shelf to the left, to be exact. Totally friendly, BUT … very shy.

So why am I writing to you? Well, the other day, my friend Bun Bun, the Dust Bunny, was telling me how they were floating behind the door in the room of this young Human Being. And this young Human Being was telling her friend that she was writing a fan letter to her favourite band because they were, like, totally the BESTEST Band ever. And how she was really enjoying writing this letter because, not only was there the chance that they might write back to her, but more importantly it let her think about all the things that are so wonderful about that band.

And I thought to myself, well that sounds interesting, maybe I should try to write someone some fan mail myself. It always makes me so happy to think about wonderful things, such as the extra-sparkly paper clip I found the other day or that tiny dab of strawberry jam on the little spoon that fell down behind the table.

But who would my fan letter be to …? I mean, what is important to a House Gremlin?

Like all cupboard gremlins, I’m a collector. Bits and Bobs. This and That. Everything gets hidden in the dark corners and crevices behind the Cupboard Door. Gremlins often hear, ‘Where did I put …?’

Well, House Gremlins are not going to tell you, but they will push that Thing towards the front of the shelf! We like to be helpful, after all.

ANYWAY collecting is MARVELLOUS. It’s a Gremlin THING!

One Human Being collected 220,000 ballpoint pens. Now, there’s a person I’d like to meet. Could they be my hero?

Someone else found room for 5,631 rubber ducks in their home. Well, that must be one ENORMOUS bath.

But before any further thinks of having so many THINGS … HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS AND HOLD ON TO YOUR SPACE. Where to store it all?!?!!

Not in my cupboard!!!! That would be a complete MESS.

My COLLECTING is on the shelf BUT also in my Gremlin brain.

So I think my real heroes are people who try to have great memories. This takes up no room at all. Perfect for filling my cupboard because one million ideas take up no space at all!!

So, dear Human Being on the other side of the CupBoard Door, or Friend, for short – what about you? I have often heard you muttering from my side of the Cupboard Door, it sounds like you have a lot of great memories and stories to tell – would you like to share some with me?

I have lots of space here on my second shelf for all kinds of stories and memories – big, exciting ones with elephants, mountain ranges and scary close escapes, tiny happy ones of finding a pretty butterfly on that perfect, lazy summer day, bittersweet ones like the favourite story your grandfather used to tell you when you were but a wee, little Human Being but which hasn’t been heard out loud since he died two winters ago.

I love all shapes, sizes, colours and flavours of memories and stories, and have a lot of room up here on the second shelf for each and every one of them, just behind that yellow muffler you were looking for three months ago. So the next time you open up that Cupboard Door, please think of me and share some of your memories with me for my collection.

Bye for now, Totsiens, Ma’a as-salaama, Bidaya, Zdravo, Tot ziens, Adios, Arrivederci, Namaste and Ciao!! (These are all a part of my GOODBYE COLLECTION!!!!)

Your greatest Fan, at least in the CupBoard,


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