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Business for Good Award 

We are the first ever shop for Monsters to have have been selected by the Humans at Holly & Co for an Independent Business Award 2022, with the chance to win £10,000 for our small-but-powerful store.

Our store has been serving the Monster community since 1818 and we are proud to be recognised for the good we do sourcing and creating products that support the Living, Dead and Undead. 

Vote Today!

(Voting ends 27th November)

Some of the ways we do good… 

Shopkeeper programme

We encourage Human relations with our Shopkeeper programme. We are proud that it's been at least three days since a shopkeeper was bitten, squashed or cursed. 

Supportive Products

Our products address a range of needs within the Monster community including tackling Zombie halitosis and easing Werewolf transitions

Careful Labelling 

All our products are carefully labelled for dietary requirements including Salt, Garlic and Holy Water exemptions.  

Renting out our storeroom 

Although it has since proved to be a terrible idea, our storeroom is currently rented out to the small Humans at the Ministry of Stories.

Vote for us today and help us:

  • - Continue to create more essential products
  • - Reach and support even more Monsters 
  • - Continue to challenge the curse that sees 100% of our profits go to children's charity Ministry of Stories

    Vote Today!

    (Voting ends 27th November)





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