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Visit us after dark this December as we extend our opening hours at both stores. 


16 Leadenhall Market, off Gracechurch Street, EC3V 1LR (next door to New Moon Pub)

Tue 20th Dec - Fri 23rd Dec | 11am - 6pm 

Avoid the hoards of Humans and enjoy an exclusive shopping experience at our Leadenhall Market pop-up. In the heart of the City of London, it is easily accessed via the sewer network, other world portals and the no.11 bus. 

Explore our festive offerings, in store:

- Raven Skull: A Raven's skull, stolen in the dead of night from the Tower of London. Can reanimate at the most inappropriate moments. Ideal for storing jewellery.

- Enchanted Biscuits: Scaring is caring with our set-of-two enchanted biscuits for you and a favourite fiend.

- Common Toad: Caught fresh from the banks of the river Thames.

- Incense Burner: Recreate the wonderful smell of Ancient Egypt with our Sandalwood Incense Burner. An ideal accompaniment to any embalming work. 

- Lunar Calendar: New Year, new wolf. Keep track of your transformations with our 2023 Lunar Calendar. Also helpful for plotting clear flying nights and prime toadstool harvesting. 


159 Hoxton Street, N1 6PJ

Wed 21st Dec - Fri 23rd Dec | 11am - 5pm 

Visit our original store on Hoxton Street for a true Monster Supplies experience. The site was established in 1818 and has been faithfully supplying the local Monster community every day since. Watch out for our invisible cat Wells and make sure to keep the store cupboard door firmly shut to avoid contact with the mischievous mini Humans on the other side. 

Explore our festive offerings, in store:

- Lump of Coal: No stocking is complete without it. Smells of dark, smoky nights. Can be used as a soap, but we strongly discourage washing. 

- Bah! Humbugs: Banish any feelings of joy or merriment with a single suck. 

- Petrified Mice: Frozen quite solid and coated in sugar, with the tail intact, for that nostalgic, mousey taste.

- Dead Good tote: Pick-up a branded totes to carry all your supplies back to your cave/lair/dungeon. Fits well on any standard broom. Custom bags available for larger or many armed beings. 

- Christmas Cards: Scratch and send a message of festive greetings with our multipack of cards. Each unique design was created exclusively for Monster Supplies. 

On the fly? Looking for a quick and easy gift? We have a pre-stuffed stockings available for £22 to grab and go (containing our classic range: Impacted Earwax, Petrified Mice, Dragon Treasure and Sugar Dusted Bogies).

On the run? Are you keen to prepare for your visit, so you can just swoop in? View our full Christmas range here.

Keen to prepare in advance for your visit, so you can just swoop in this week? View our full Christmas range here.

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