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Bottled London Smog

The authentic taste of the city! Unfiltered water from the River Thames, passed through the purest London smog for ten months to achieve a deliciously oaky flavour. Just a few drops will add a sophisticated depth - and a hint of charred remains - to stocks, soups and potions. Put just a couple of drops into ice cubes to add a touch of smog to any drink - particularly good in whisky or blood!


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Notes for Humans:

Oak Smoked Water, 100ml. Vegan. Smoked flavouring for risotto, stews, sauces and marinades. Also great splashed in a Bloody Mary or Whisky.

Ingredients Water, smoke from oak chips. Note natural sedimentation may occur. Store in a cool, dry place.

‘While stalking my next meal is certainly easier without layers of petticoats, one sometimes longs for a reminder of the past. A few drops of Bottled London Smog in my evening nightcap and my senses are back to favourite prowls of the Industrial Revolution.’

-Elizabat Fangsley, Vampire

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