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Christmas Card - London Bus

Share good tidings with loved ones this festive season with our bespoke Monster Supplies Christmas Card. Slime and curse resistant, this card will survive the most traitorous of journeys to caves, lairs and the underworld. Please note: Not fire retardant, please keep away from fireplaces, lava and young Dragons.


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All profits go to the Ministry of Stories, a creative writing charity for humans

Notes for Humans:

Single Christmas card, featuring 2022 design unique to Hoxton Street Monster Supplies.

‘The concept of “Christmas” is quite foreign to us magic folk, so it is quite the novelty to be able to send my family and friends this curious card. Though your human bus is clearly inferior to our Night Bus. Only double-decker? Try quadruple-decker!’

-Dex, Imp

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Free UK delivery on all orders over £50