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Bloody Ketchup

A smoky barbecue sauce. Made from the rarest human blood type, AB-, this wonderfully thick ketchup with a delicious smoky flavour is perfect for barbecuing a shoulder or a leg. Looks positively gruesome on the dining table next to a jar of our Shadow Sauce. Made by our favourite fiends, Halen Mon, in Wales. Only available at Hoxton Street Monster Supplies. 


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Notes for Humans:

Smoky Barbecue Ketchup 295g, perfect on sausages.

Ingredients Onions, Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Tomato, Tomato Puree, Treacle, British Honey, Halen Môn Oak Smoked Water, Halen Môn Oak Smoked Sea Salt PDO, Garlic, Smoked Red Chilli Peppers, Paprika.

‘Perfect anytime you need a hit of 'AB' with your meal! Added a great smokiness to my barbecued ribs … human of course.’

-Nandor, Vampire

Free UK delivery on all orders over £50