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Yeti Letter Writing Pack

Write a letter to a monster and get a personalised, unique reply.


As part of our ongoing efforts to strengthen Human relations, we have extended our letter writing service to postal packs. Simply purchase your pack, write your letter and post it to your monster (via Hoxton Street Monster Supplies). Your reply will wing it’s way back to you within 4-weeks.


Himani is fascinated by the humans she sees. Where do they come from? Why do they climb up the mountains? Do they really like frozen yak yoghurt and snow cones (Himani’s favourite foods) that much? Maybe you can answer some of her questions.


This letter kit is suitable for Humans of all ages but particularly fitting for 6-12 year olds. You can also write to four other monsters - Elgorn the Dragon; Vlad the Vampire; Red the Werewolf and Pudding the Gremlin.


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All profits go to the Ministry of Stories, a creative writing charity for humans

Notes for Humans:

Letter Writing Pack, contains all you need to write to a monster and receive an original reply, posted directly to your door.

Each pack contains: - 'How to write to a monster' instructions - Letter from a monster - 2 pages of writing paper, including space for drawings - Reply envelope for your letter (no postage required if posting within UK) - A Hoxton Street Monster Supplies Pencil to keep - 2 sticker sheets Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for your reply to arrive, once you have posted back your reply, particularly if posting from outside the UK. These letters tend to get up to mischief enroute to us. Your address must be included in your response to receive a reply. Project made possible with thanks to Hackney Council, High Street + Town Centres Fund

‘I had so much fun writing to Himani and learning about her life in the mountains. I think snow cones sound yummy but I’ll stick to ice cream rather than "Frozen Yak Yoghurt"! ’

-Sam, aged 11

Free UK delivery on all orders over £50