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Claw & Paw Sanitiser

Claw & Paw Sanitiser with a hint of lavender! Contains Aloe Vera for the softest flesh and scales, while leaving appendages smelling unusually fresh. Also suitable for humans.



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All profits go to the Ministry of Stories, a creative writing charity for humans

Notes for Humans:

Antibacterial gel containing aloe vera and scented with lavender. 250ml. Made in the UK.


Isopropyl Alcohol (70%) V/V, Distilled Water, Aloe Vera, Carbomer 940 Triethanolamine, Soap Colour and Scents. Certified to BSEN 1276 and BSEN 1500.

‘If you, like me, enjoy eating human flesh raw - this sanitiser leaves a wonderful lavender fragrance on your prey.’

-Smaug, Dragon

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