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Shadow Sauce

This new sweet, sticky black ketchup has an earthy taste, delicious on severed heads, in potions, or on cheese on toast. Made from human shadows scooped at dusk, and slow roasted for forty nights. Looks positively gruesome on the dining table next to a jar of our Bloody Ketchup. Made by our favourite fiends, Halen Mon, in Wales. Only available at Hoxton Street Monster Supplies. 


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Notes for Humans:

Black garlic ketchup with a deep, caramelised flavour; a great alternative to tomato ketchup and BBQ sauce. 310g.

‘Although I usually hide in the shadows, it’s nice to get a taste of them atop a delicious severed limb once in a while. I love the delicacy of raw flesh, but some extra flavour never hurts! Works well with many meals, especially a rack of (human) ribs!’

-Lilith, The Vampire Queen

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