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Fang Floss

Our marvellously strong Fang Floss is invaluable in cleaning where traditional sticks and brushes can't reach, removing all common forms of fang-matter, including: brains, gore, bones, viscera, entrails, seaweed, toffee, and much more.

Ideal for the 21st Century monster who believes chomping through flesh and bone shouldn't have to put a crimp on post-mauling socialising. This spool can be carried easily in a pocket or a pouch, leaving both hands free to floss.


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All profits go to the Ministry of Stories, a creative writing charity for humans

Notes for Humans:

A spool of twine for various uses around the home, garden or office.

200 metres. Made from Biodegradable 2 Ply Jute Twine.

‘These kept my fangs all the better to eat you with.’

-David Kessler, Werewolf

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Free UK delivery on all orders over £50