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An Interview with volunteer Count Olaf Von Snotter

Count Olaf Von Snotter has been volunteering at Hoxton Street Monster supplies since 1821 and recently starred in the Bloody Mary short for the Hoxton Street Monster Supplies Cookbook. We caught up with him during Volunteers Week to chat with him about his years working with us.   

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Lifestyle: Undead but still On Trend!

monster fashion image

We have all dragged ourselves out of the crypt when the alarm on the phone can no longer be ignored, only to find ourselves gazing gloomily at our dusty collection of rags.

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Hoxton Street Monster Supplies declared 2017 ‘Year of “Creeping Dread”’

Creeping Dread

Charity venture Hoxton Street Monster Supplies declares 2017 ‘Year of “Creeping Dread”’

Can a shop that sells supplies to monsters tell us something about life for humans in the UK today? It seems it might.

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Love snot? Read Cooking: Mayhip on Snot

Relatively little was known about acquisition methods of this most essential of ingredients until the publication of Mr. Mayhip’s definitive 5,000 page book, My Life in Snot (exclusively available to Hoxton Street Monster Supplies customers at the special price of £49.99).

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Week in the life of a monster supplies shopkeeper

Simon speaking to one of our invisible customers

What’s it like to volunteer at Hoxton Street Monster Supplies? We asked fearless shopkeeper Simon Moriarty to keep a diary to find out.

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