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Love snot? Read Cooking: Mayhip on Snot

Relatively little was known about acquisition methods of this most essential of ingredients until the publication of Mr. Mayhip’s definitive 5,000 page book, My Life in Snot (exclusively available to Hoxton Street Monster Supplies customers at the special price of £49.99).

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Week in the life of a monster supplies shopkeeper

Simon speaking to one of our invisible customers

What’s it like to volunteer at Hoxton Street Monster Supplies? We asked fearless shopkeeper Simon Moriarty to keep a diary to find out.

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Licensing Monster Supplies: freelance contract

Could you get us licensing ready? Bring your experience, knowledge and contacts to our unusual retail offer. Read on...

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Meet Shop Volunteer Andre

Name: André Cole    Role: Volunteer shopkeeper at Hoxton Street Monster Supplies    Resident: Hackney    Favourite product: Share More Air CD

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Curse your next order

Word reaches us that a proportion of our customers have recently suffered adverse reactions upon receiving their online orders – happy-go-lucky feelings, joyful skipping, general merriment and similar unpleasantries.

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