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Salt Made of Tears of Envy

This delicate and delectable salt is made from tears of pure envy. ��With a delicious celery flavour, it's quite perfect in a Bloody Mary. ��And not bad in other long-deceased royalty either.

Combines centuries-old craft with the freshest human tears which are gently boiled, released into shallow crystallisation tanks, then harvested by hand and finally rinsed in brine.

Developed in collaboration with��Studio Weave��and expert tear harvesters��Halen M̫n.


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All profits go to the Ministry of Stories, a creative writing charity for humans

Notes for Humans:

Superior coarse sea salt with celery, from expert salt harvesters Halen Mon.


Sea salt and celery (Contains Celery 20%)



‘I’m not jealous that my friend Martha was given three of these by her boyfriend Joe. I only WANT one. Or I would have asked for more - obviously! And anyway, her boyfriend isn’t even in the slightest bit attractive, not even for a Yeti. No one likes him. And Martha’s no looker herself if I’m being totally honest. Three envy salts is just being excessive - wasteful, and self-centred even. One is just fine. Really. ’

-Charlotte, In-the-Cupboard Monster

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